RTAI Testsuite LiveCD

Collecting hardware's hard real-time performance data

Test your hardware's hard real-time performance and submit this data.

The bootable CD-ROM provided on this website allows you to determine whether your system's hardware is capable of being used as a hard real-time system. Furthermore, this website provides information about the real-time performance of various systems, which might help you when buying hardware for building hard real-time systems. The LiveCD is based on RTAI (Realtime Application Interface) and provides easy-to-use menus that guide users through running the test suite and submitting the results and system configuration information to an Internet database.

The bootable CDROM is only 8MB large and is available in the download section. After booting this CD, you will be able to run several tests and upload the testresults to this webpage. To get an idea of how it works, there's a screenshots page. Furthermore, there is a webpage displaying the submitted results available and a HOWTO. You can also search for keywords in the device database and get the related maximum latencies.

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